Exporting Data

There are multiple methods for exporting data from Fulfil.IO.

Quick Export from List

The easiest and quickest way to export information is to click on the export button that appears on a list view

All the records in the current list are downloaded to the local computer as a CSV file which could then be opened with Excel, Google Sheets or other tools

Exporting to Google Sheets (Beta)

You need the Google Sheets add-on for Fulfil.IO installed for this to work. Access to the plugin is limited to selected beta customers. Contact your account executive if you would like to have beta access to the integration.

Step 1: Connect Google Sheet to your Fulfil.IO Instance.


Step 2: Enter the subdomain and API credentials

Step 3: You can import from a list URL or from a model

Frequently used models are pre defined on the menu

Step 4: Configure the import 

  • Fields: Separate field names by comma. Nested field names can also be fetched. For example 'category.rec_name'
  • Filter (advanced): If the records have to be filtered with a search expression, it can be specified as a domain expression. The developer documentation explains more about domain expressions. To match all records, the domain could be [].

The estimated record count shows the approximate number of records that match the criteria. 

Step 5: Click on fetch records to import the records from Fuflil.IO to Google Sheet.

The records are fetched in phases. The progress is shown in the right side bar.

Exporting using Zapier (Advanced)

Talk to the account manager for more information on the zapier zap!

Exporting using API (Advanced)

Please refer to the API documentation